Hear from Sambea Cochrane Herself

Hear from Sambea Cochrane Herself

Alright – let’s start with the pronunciation. You take half of Samantha, and half of Beatrice, combine them together and get Sambea. ‘SAM-bee-a’, to write it phonetically. It’s difficult at first, but believe me, you’ll quickly get used to it!

All my music is part of a “Local Story”: I was born and still live in the Beach area of Toronto. I grew up attending many of the Beach’s music schools and have been vocally coached by several very successful teachers. As well, I’ve sung in Choirs that have performed in many of Toronto’s finer halls and have also toured Russia and the Baltics performing in many of their halls and beautiful churches. During all this though, I’ve been imagining and writing music of my own.

More recently I’ve been recording at Beyond The Beat Studio here in the Beach, with mastering performed at Wreckhouse Mastering just a stones through away. For some reason, the Beach area is disproportionately full of talented people some of whom I was able to tap into to record my first album Radio Road. Producers were Dave MacKenzie (the owner of BtB) and Dave Mooney, and contributing musicians included Aaron Comeau (who has played with the Skydiggers and Sam Cash), and Erica Beston who plays in various major Theatre productions and has performed live with Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger.

Since the Radio Road album I’ve released a few new songs: Point of No Return and Young At Heart which are upbeat with an edge, and most recently Geneva. These songs as well as the original album are all available on all of the major music store sites and Apple Music and Spotify but are as well included here.

I always welcome the opportunity to perform, so thank you for checking out my music, be it live, recorded, purchased, or streamed. If nothing else, please get used to pronouncing Sambea!

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A LIVE RECORDING was created on March 8th, 2016 - International Women's Day at Beyond The Beat Studio, "Tarnished Silver Lining" with Sambea by herself on piano and vocals. Check out this link to.

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