Sambea Cochrane is One of the Fresh New Voices to be Heard!

The New Rising Star: Sambea Cochrane

The New Rising Star: Sambea Cochrane

She spent her childhood attending the Beach’s music schools and has also been vocally coached by several successful music teachers. She has sung in choirs and toured all across Russia and Baltics. Her performances have always been well received.

Sambea writes, records and performs her own music and continues to perform in venues across the city. She has been professionally performing for over six years now. You can listen to her songs on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and other musical platforms.

She recently released a new solo named "Geneva". It's available on almost all music platforms online.

She started recording at the Beat Studio in her hometown with the help of a few famous people from the Beach and now she is touring all around the world, accepting appointments for concerts and other singing shows.

Her Songs

  • Point of No Return
  • Young at Heart
  • Blueberry Skies
  • Geneva
  • Movie Screens
  • Cigarette Smokes
  • Blueberry Skies

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Sambea recorded and released “Tarnished Silver Lining” which very well received.

Check her YouTube links to understand more about her music.